10 Things You Must Have While Road Tripping

People ask me all the time what things would I not be able to live with out while on the road. This blog will tell you the 10 things I couldn’t live with out while living out of my SUV road tripping.

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1. Clothes Organizer

10-things-you-must-have-while-road-tripping-living-in-car-suv-camper-stove-travel-clothes-organize-fold-stow-camping10-things-you-must-have-while-road-tripping-living-in-car-suv-camper-stove-travel-clothes-organize-fold-stow-campingThis thing is pretty much a lifesaver for any type of traveling you may do. It’s great to put in your suit case and pull out when you get to your hotel which was the intended purpose of this contraption. I will say this was pretty amazing to have when I was on a cruise ship in Europe a few years ago. However, now it serves as my dresser in my SUV. It’s pretty much perfect since when I’m doing laundry I can bring it with me, hang it up, and put my clean folded laundry in it and stash it in my SUV.
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2. Cookware

I spent way too much money on eating out even when I had a perfectly good campsite or a secluded place where I could cook. Due to that I spent the money and got a two burner propane stove and camping cookware. The two burner stove and cookware does take up quite a bit of room in my SUV but the fact that I can cook anything at anytime made up for that minor loss in space. I also decided to get both the two burner stove and the cookware at REI because if something happens to them or they don’t live up to the hype I can return them or get a replacement with in a year of purchasing them since I’m an REI member. As of right now it’s been a great investment. My next investment is a french coffee press.

3. Blender


I usually make smoothies for breakfast before I got the two burner stove. However, I still make a smoothy when ever I don’t have food to cook on the stove or want a quick meal. Downside with living in a car is that you have to have a cheap blender that uses low wattage so you can use it on a power inverter. That or you’re stuck finding a gas station or some place that will let you plug the blender in. I got this cheap blender at walmart and so far its been worth it. It’s no Vitamix but it does the job and it’s pretty compact. It’s also good to have if you don’t have a stove or want to eat healthy on the road.

4. Safety Car Charger10-things-you-must-have-while-road-tripping-living-in-car-suv-camper-car-charger-safety-
I really don’t know what else you would call this device but it’s pretty amazing. This little contraption is 2 things in one. It works as a duel USB car charger and a safety device if you get in a car accident. It has a sharp razor edge that allows you to cut though your seat belt to escape and the tip can be pressed against a window and when you press hard enough it will shatter the glass so you can escape that way. It’s a great device that gives me a sense of comfort knowing that if something did happen I have the tool that could help me escape.

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5. Portable Battery Pack10-things-you-must-have-while-road-tripping-living-in-car-suv-camper-stove-travel-portable-battery-pack
This should almost be a no brainer to those constantly on their phones. For me this helps me make sure my phone doesn’t die. I am constantly hiking or exploring while taking a ton of videos and pictures on my phone. Due to that my battery life on my phone doesn’t seem to last that long. That’s where the battery pack comes in handy. I can charge it while I’m driving and keep it on me while I’m out exploring so if my phone battery starts to get low I can charge it with the battery pack.

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6. Power Inverter

This is how I can use my cheap blender while on the road. As well as charge my laptop, camera batteries, and more, all while driving! Obviously I don’t use my blender while driving but just thought I might need to clear that up. The thing is you need to make sure you don’t overload it since it can blow a fuse. However, it’s been a must have item while on the road and keeping things charged.

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7. Portable Fan

Since the summer is pretty hotter than heck having a fan is just a requirement when sleeping in your SUV, camper, or tent. This awesome thing works great in those conditions and can stay on for 5 hours on the lowest setting. This is also something I will charge while driving since this particular one has a rechargeable battery. You do have the option to put in regular batteries but I’d honestly just save your money and stick with the rechargeable one provided.

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8. Phone Holder

This phone holder mounts to your dash or your window of your car. This makes for a great hands free option while driving. I bought this well before my road trip since I use my phone for GPS and having the mount on my dash has come in quite handy.

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9. Portable Car Vacuum

I was so happy to find this on Amazon because I was sick of finding places to vacuum out my car due to Indiana shedding. Not only do I not carry around a lot of quarters to pay for those vacuums, I also don’t like how they can’t fit in the little crevices. This little vacuum does the job! It has attachments to make sure you get the best clean in your vehicle. The best thing is it comes in a great little case so that you can have everything in your vehicle.

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10. Baby Wipes


While random, I kid you not baby wipes will save you! Can’t find a place to shower and you want to put on clean clothes? Baby wipes! Need to pee by the side of your car? Baby wipes! Hands all messy from eating? Baby wipes! Ran out of soap for your face? Baby wipes! Need to clean dishes but no water? Baby wipes! Seriously these things come in handy for so many things it’s impossible for me to think of not having them with me.

So there you have it. The 10 things you should have while road tripping. If you have things you can’t live with out while road tripping please comment below because I’d love to know.

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  1. Hey! I just picked up that same cookware set at Gander Mountain about a month ago. Tested out last night and it was awesome. I am going to have to order the clothes organizer from your link.

    Thanks for sharing!

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