3 Floyds Brewery in Indiana Review

It was brought to my attention by the girls in my Facebook group “Girls Love Travel” that I needed to stop by this brewery if I was in Indiana.  Since it came so highly recommended I figured I had to see what all the hype was about.  Not to mention 3 Floyd’s has 3 & 1/2 stars on yelp which is pretty good.  I got to the brewery around 10:30am but the brewery didn’t open up until 11am.

About 10 minutes before opening people started3-floyds-brewery-line-enterance-craft-beer-indiana-review lining up at the side door.  Since I’ve never been to this brewery before I lined up right along side them thinking, “Man this place is going to get packed fast!  I hope I get a decent seat inside!”  I started talking to those in line asking if this was normal.  They said yes this is very normal and that this line was actually not to eat or drink at the brewery but to get beers to go.  That meant picking up 6 packs, getting growlers filled, or picking up any merchandise the brewery was selling.

Finally 11am rolled around and they opened up the door for the beer to go line.  I was still waiting outside by the main door with Indiana when they opened up the door to let us in.  The girl who opened up the door was very nice and asked if Indiana was a service dog.  I said yes 3-floyds-brewery-craft-beer-review-inside-barand she then asked where I’d like to sit.  I told her I would like to sit by the bar but at a table where I could have my back to the wall.  I got seated and I was brought a menu for their food and their beer.

I looked around the brewery to get a feel of the atmosphere as 3-floyds-brewery-craft-beer-review-boba-fett-helmet-green-flash-brewing-tap-handleswell as seeing how quickly the brewery was filling up by 11am on a Thursday.  The brewery had old tap handles lining the top part of the walls from all different breweries as well as some of their tap handles.  There were Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and super hero memorabilia everywhere.  I even spied a Green Flash Brewing Co. bottle cap which I thought was humorous since I have a friend who is a brewer at that brewery in San Diego.  Not to mention Back to the Future was playing on silent in the background. While the interior design of the brewery was to my approval, since I’m a huge Star Wars nerd, the music choice also helped make me fall in love with this brewery.  It was non stop heavy metal.  Given 3 Floyd’s Brewery logo was a skull with a crown and wings, metal music seemed to be a very fitting sound to help create the ambiance.

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional beer taster.  I love beer and I love writing reviews on the beer that’s all! While I know now after talking to my brewery friends I should let the beer warm up more to be able to fully taste all the flavors of the beer this review was written prior to that knowledge.  This is my thoughts on the cold beer*


Finally after soaking the atmosphere in I had time to ask the server about getting a flight.  3 Floyd’s Flight is only 4 beers that they constantly keep on tap that they consider their flagship beers.  You don’t have a choice to pick and choose what beers you want in that flight.  Those for beers were Gumballhead, Yum Yum, Alpha King, and Robert the Bruce.

Gumballhead – American Wheat: This beer tastes like a plain wheat beer until the end when you get a grape cough syrup aftertaste.  It was said to be the most popular of their beers.  While I can understand the popularity for being a very different type of beer, the cough syrup aftertaste was not my favorite.  This beer was brewed with Amarillo hops which is to make the beer very fruity and citrusy.  I, however, tasted grape cough syrup.
Yum Yum – Pale Ale:  Doesn’t taste like a standard smooth light pale ale. It’s light looking but heavy tasting. Mostly due to the amount of hops & malt used to make the beer. I’d say this is alright but wouldn’t be my go to beer
Alpha king – American Pale Ale: This is not one of my favorites.  I can taste the caramel with the hops but I can’t put my finger on it as to why I don’t like it. It was almost like drinking wet cardboard, however, it did get a little better tasting after I had a cheese curd.
Robert the Bruce – Scottish-Style Ale: Very thick and malty tasting. It’s a pretty good ale but tastes a little bit like a light American stout.

Since I was really unimpressed with their flagship beers I asked to try a few beers on their menu I thought would be more up my alley.

Barbarossa – IPA: My first thought was it was very good! It’s the right amount of citrus with a very floral taste as well. Apparently an experiment beer with using hops from France. This is hands down my favorite beer that I think I’ve ever had!  If they still have this when you visit this is a must try!
VCR/GUN/PHD – New England IPA: This was also a great beer with a citrus, piney taste and a floral aroma. This would be my go to beer!
Sleeper Hold (nitro) – Porter:  I love anything on nitro since it tends to make heavy beers taste lighter and creamer.  This beer was smooth and light, which is thanks to the nitro, but other than that it fell flat on flavor. There was no distinguishing profiles to make this a great beer.

3-floyds-brewery-review-cheese-curds-kimchi-spicySince I’m a huge foodie as well I decided to try 3 Floyd’s Brewery Cheese Curds.  The cheese came from Clock Shadow Creamery and was battered in togarashi tempura with kimchi aioli, pickled red peppers, and scallions.  This was by far the best cheese curds I’ve ever had and I already had cheese curds in Wisconsin the cheese state!  Not only were these cheese curds delicious with the spiciness from the peppers and the salty goodness that was everything pickled they were the perfect balance of awesomeness!  This is a must try dish!

Next food item was the patty melt.  This was house ground beef with miso, cheddar, caramelized onions, frisbee, garlic aioli, and served with herb butter fries.  No joke, when I bit into the patty melt my first words and thought was, “Holy f***!” This was ridiculously good!  I will say this though, given all the ingredients for this patty melt, for some odd reason I tasted BBQ but there’s none in the patty melt! This patty melt just like the cheese curds is just pure genius!

So if you’re ever in Indiana or near Chicago I would highly recommend checking out 3 Floyd’s Brewery!  They have a huge beer menu so if you’re like me and don’t like their flagship beers you’re still able to find something that might be up your alley.  Also have I mentioned their food is pretty much out of this world?

Dog Friendly Rating

 3 Floyd’s Brewery gets 5 paws for being service dog friendly.  Since food is served and there is no outdoor patio area, that I saw, you wouldn’t be able to bring your pet dog with you.  Service dogs, however, are find and they seem to know the laws when it comes to service dogs since I wasn’t harassed for having Indiana with me.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts


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  1. Great review! I really like this brewery when i go back to chicago to visit and cant wait to try the Ones your recommend 🙂

  2. I love a good IPA! The Barbarossa sounds right up my alley – now I just need a trip to Indiana! :]

    // itsCarmen.com

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