About Us


Indiana or Indy

Loves peeing on anything and everything, long walks, chasing squirrels, naps, and belly rubs. 

Brittany or Britty

Loves German Shepherds, craft beer, photography, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Hiking, Kayaking, & Camping.  

Our Story: I'm originally from Omaha Nebraska but joined the US Navy back in 2010.  I spent a year in Chicago (Great Lakes) then I was stationed in San Diego California.  It wasn't until deployment in Bahrain when I got my PTSD.  It was state side in San Diego where I learned about service dogs an became acquainted with Sherri's Wounded Warrior Pack.  That is when I met my lovely service dog Indiana who saved my life and I saved him by adopting him from the Humane Society.  Since then he has worked on base with me for a year before I got out of the Navy.  It's been 4 years since I got him and he's traveled with me to 16 states plus Canada.  

Now were trying to hit 48 states & 44 national parks! 

Our Mission: To share a common love of dogs, traveling, photography, the outdoors, and beer.  As well as be a voice for veterans with service dogs or those who just simply love traveling with their furry companion.