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I stumbled upon Brewdog Brewery and Taproom when I was leaving Hocking Hills State Park to head up to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  I tend to gravitate towards breweries that have a dog or a travel them to them while I’ve been on this road trip.  So when I saw a sign off the highway staying Brewdog Brewery I had to check it out.

Photo taken from Brewdog website

From the road you could see how huge this facility was with an equally huge packed parking lot.  You could tell a lot of money went into this place from the outside to the inside of the building.  When you walk in you walk though the “store” where it has all of their Brewdog merchandise ranging from stickers, patches, shirts, hoodies, and hats.  When you continue there’s another room that was more empty with bleachers.  I’m not really sure what that room is used for but when I walked though on Easter Sunday there was a guy making balloon animals for the kids.  Then you finally reach the restaurant/tap room.  This was a huge space with a more dining seating in one room and more of a open bar vibe in the bigger space around the bar.

There’s even an outdoor patio area with huge garage doors that open up to it for easy access to the bar.  To make it even fancier there was a pond you could talk your dog on a walk around.  Since it was Easter Sunday when I visited the back patio lawn area was used for a children’s easter egg hunt and once all the eggs were found then the adults got to do a easter “beer” hunt.  It seemed like the brewery did a lot for the public in ways of events since it was such a huge facility both inside and out.  This gave the brewery a very family and local community vibe to it.

Not to mention they have pretty good hours so you can have lunch and even stay around a lot later than most breweries I’ve visited.  Brewdog Brewery hours are as follows:  Sun: 10am to 11pm, Mon – Wed: 11am to 11pm, Thurs – Fri: 11am to 12pm, and Sat: 10am to 12pm.


*Disclaimer: I’m not a beer sommelier I just love to drink good beer and write about my opinion of the beer.  I’m also now aware that the beer must be at 45 degrees to get the best flavor profiles of the beer.  This review was done when the beer was still really cold, which means I wasn’t able to taste all the flavor profiles I should have*

Brewdog Brewery has 5 beers on tap and that’s all they brew are these 5 flagship beers.  Which means when you order a flight you get to try all 5 of the beers they have to offer.  Due to the fact that they only have 5 flagship beers they also offer other local beers in the area.  So no matter what you can find a beer you like and possibly a new brewery you might like.

From lightest to darkest these are my thoughts on Brewdog’s craft beer.

Punk IPA: Smells very floral and hoppy. However, the taste falls a little flat meaning it tastes more like a pale ale and not an IPA. The beer is still really good it just doesn’t seem to follow the typical IPA profiles of being either a dank/earthy IPA or a citrus/piney IPA.  I’d still recommend this beer since it’s a good light and crisp taste to it.

Dead Pony Club Pale Ale: This beer smells floral and hoppy as well. While it’s a pale ale it tastes more like an IPA. I stay this because this beer has more of a dank and bitter bite to it.  I can’t really taste the toffee malt that they claimed to have used in this beer unless that aids in the bitterness of the beer and it’s darker coloring.  Never the less,  it’s still a good beer and very smooth tasting.

Elvis Juice IPA: I was very skeptical of this beer since I hate grape fruit.  However, this was a very heavy tasking beer and the grapefruit is blended perfectly with the citrus flavor of the hops making it a very well balanced IPA.  All in all I think it’s the best beer they have so far but if your not a fruity beer fan I wouldn’t suggest this to you.

Five Am Saint Red Ale: This was a very light tasting red ale in my opinion. Very smooth tasting but I’m disappointed that I don’t really taste the hints of berries, toffee, pine and citrus. It’s sounded like a good interesting beer but just tastes like a light red ale with final after tastes of the toffee and berries after 4-5 sips. Good beer I’d still recommend it cuz I’ve had some really bad red ales and this isn’t one!

Jet Black Heart Stout on Nitro: Everyone knows I’m a sucker for any heavy beer on nitro for that light creamier flavor.  This smelled heavy on the coffee side and tastes like a light espresso. It’s very good good beer and the nitro really does help bring out the light and creaminess of the beer! You can’t really taste the hints of dark berry or citrus since the chocolate espresso flavor really takes over the beer. However, it’s a great stout! I would highly recommend it!

brewdog-brewery-columbus-ohio-craft-beer-mac-and-cheese-fries-foodNow to my disappointment in the brewery. The mac and cheese was completely mundane. For them saying smoked mac and cheese with guda cheese and jam bacon I was totally excited for this dish. The cheese was runny and so hot it kept burning my tongue when I tried to eat it. It came with a side of fries and 2 dipping sauces. One was a spicy honey tasting sauce and the other was a creamy chipotle sauce.  Both sauces were the real saving grace of this meal.   They do have a full menu, however, so I’m sure there’s some food on there that is just amazing.  I know the man across from me and his wife were loving the hot wings and ended up ordering even more later on.  I just always expect a good mac and cheese to be gooey to the point where you have to fight off the cheese that’s coming from your fork to the mac and cheese.

I will say this once you experience this brewery and you end up liking it, having the merchandise room right before you leave can be a very dangerous thing to a consumer.  I ended up leaving with a sticker, patch, shirt and a growler.  The reason for the growler was because they don’t bottle their beer yet.  However, it’s extremely misleading since the merch area shows that they have 6 packs ready to go.  Either way the growler is pretty awesome so I’m not really that disappointed in that purchase.

I would highly recommend this brewery.  While it’s not a legit Ohio brewery since it started in the UK and they have a TV show based on American craft beer this is a pretty good franchise.  They are even opening up a brewery hotel where you can seriously bathe in beer!!!  That in itself make’s me want to venture back to Columbus Ohio just so I can stay one night in that hotel drinking these great beers while also bathing in one.  My only concern about bathing in beer is a yeast infection but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Dog Friendly Rating:

Brewdog Brewery: 5-star-paw-rating-dog-friendly They get 5 pet paws because they are extremely dog friendly.  With that said they will only allow dogs in the patio area due to the fact that they serve food. However, service dogs are welcome to be in the dinning area.  Not only that but they also hold dog parties at the brewery that they call “Pawties”.  Not only is that a brilliant pun but it just shows how dog friendly this brewery truly is.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts: 


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  1. Those are pretty big beers for a flight!

    1. Yea I’ve seen some that are in shot glasses & some that are almost a full beer it’s insane!

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