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How I Went From Being Suicidal to Climbing the Tallest Peak in Maine with a Little Help from Kesha

I was at one of my lowest lows so far on my road trip journey while in Maine.  First, I have to fill you in with everything that led up to that moment. I was staying in West Virginia with “John”.  I could tell I was getting depressed because I hadn’t really done anything in […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel for Your Mental Health

You mostly see blogs about people solo traveling, traveling with friends or their significant other, traveling for vacation, traveling because they just got out of a horrible relationship, or traveling just because they can.  However, I travel to help me with my mental health.  If you have read my past blog posts; which, if you […]

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How I Can Afford to Travel With Out Having a Job

I get asked this question a lot and I feel as though I need to be extremely transparent since not everyone can afford to do what I’m doing when it comes to traveling for an extended amount of time. To be blunt, I can afford to travel because I’m on disability from the military.  Let […]

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The Hotel from Hell When You Need a Self Care Day on the Road

After speaking with my mom and my therapist it dawned on all three of us that I needed to get a hotel room just to unwind and center myself.  I wanted to be far away from Chicago, about an hour away in Michigan, where I could have a nice hotel room where I could binge […]

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Falling Out of Love with Chicago and my PTSD Mental Breakdown

*NOTE: This is a lot of reading with no pictures.  However, it’s a very important read if you want to understand my PTSD* Being that I lived near Chicago since my A school was in Great Lakes I had such fond memories of Chicago.  Even memories of visiting Chicago as a kid since it was […]

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What Makes Indiana a Service Dog and Not an Emotional Support Dog (Know the Difference)

There’s always a confusion on the difference between a service dog, an emotional support dog, or a therapy dog. This blog post will hopefully clear up any confusion for those who don’t know the differences and what their legal rights are based on the dog’s status of a service dog, emotional support dog, or therapy dog. Here’s […]

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