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Visiting Michigan to See a Sculpture Garden and a Lighthouse

It was my last day in the hotel from hell and in the morning when I woke up was having a hard time getting myself out of bed.  I was still dead tired and it felt like I had a weight on my body telling me to keep sleeping in.  I heard my alarm go […]

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Minnesota the Star of the North and Voyagers National Park Review

After I breezed past Iowa since I didn’t want to get another felony for speeding, I made my way up to the Star of the North (L’Étoile du Nord), Minnesota.  Now I’ve been to Minnesota many times before but mainly to the Minneapolis area for work or to visit family friends.  The original plan was […]

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Random Finds in Iowa for Great Photography Shots

If you truly know me, you’d know that I hate Iowa.  Born and raised in Nebraska, I was brought up to hate Iowa like some sort of state rivalry.  I also don’t like Iowa because I was a wanted felon there back in 2010 till 2012, which I was unaware of until I came back […]

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