Cuyahoga Valley National Park Review

Cuyahoga-Valley-national-park-review-enterenceThe whole purpose behind my 48 state’s road trip was also so that I could see as many national parks as I could while on the road.  Now I’ve already been to a lot of national parks mostly in the western states so it was exciting to see all these other national parks that might not be as popular as say Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon.  Not all national parks are the same either with my experience with Voyagers National Park with not needing to really pay for admission to enter it.

Cuyahoga-valley-national-park-popular-site-map-reviewCuyahoga Valley National Park I would consider to be way different than all the national parks I’ve visited so far.   After having the most amazing time in Hocking Hills State Park and assuming the best for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I can honestly say my expectations were completely wrong.

Now with most of my posts that come across like a short story with pictures attempting to break up the crazy amounts of information I write about, this one won’t be as long.

Let me start off by saying Cuyahoga Valley National Park shouldn’t be a National Park!  If anything it should be a state park or just a city park/trails.  Here’s the reason why I think this.

  1. There is no need to check in or pay to come to this National Park
  2. The National Park has a town in the middle of it.  Yes you heard me correctly, there is a town as well as 2 highways that are in the middle of this National Park.
  3. There’s camping but it’s really not “backwoods” since there’s so many roads in this National Park
  4. All the trails are by roads or cut across roads.
  5. You lose any since of wilderness that you expect to encounter when you visit a national park.  Heck, I’ve seen city parks with more wilderness aspects than this National Park.

Cuyahoga-Valley-national-park-review-barleywine-waterfallWhile there are 2 beautiful waterfalls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park they are by the highway so you hear cars driving by which takes away from any since of tranquility a person is looking for when you want to see a waterfall.  Also due to this the hike to these waterfalls are not really hikes at all but more of a 0.2 or 0.5 mile walk.

I honestly didn’t stay long in Cuyahoga Valley National Park because I was so disappointed in every aspect of this park.  I go to national parks for the hiking, camping, and wildlife.  Cuyahoga Valley National park had by far the worst hikes, worst camping, and worst wildlife.  If you’re trying to go to as many national parks as you can put this on your list but only pencil it in for 4 hours if that because it’s honestly not worth your time.

Dog Friendly Rating:

Cuyahoga Valley National Park: 5-star-paw-rating-dog-friendly I give them 5 paws since this is not like a normal national park where dog’s are allowed on all the trails if you clean up after them and have them on a leash.

Indiana’s Final Thought’s 


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