Hitchhiker Brewing Company in Pittsburgh PA Review

Hitchhiker-brewing-company-brewery-craft-beer-reviewHitchhiker Brewery in Pittsburgh PA is a quaint brewery located right on the corner of Castle hitchhiker-brewing-company-brewery-pittsburg-craft-beer-reviewShannon Blvd.   It has a very rustic industrial vibe with an outdoor patio as well as indoor seating.  Hitchhiker Brewing Company is open Tuesday-Friday from 4-11pm, Saturday from 12-11pm, and Sunday from 12-8pm.  I arrived at the brewery on a Thursday right as it opened with no one else in sight. With in 2 hours it was almost packed with people and their dogs.  The type patrons varied giving this brewery a very  warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Everyone was extremely friendly and loved talking about the different types of beer Hitchhiker has on rotation.  With that said Hitchhiker Brewing Company brews a lot of different and unique beers.  They have 6 flagship beers that are always on tap.  Those beers are Bane of Existence an India Pale Ale, Conversion an American Blonde, Shadow Walker an Oatmeal Stout, A Different Animal a Dry Hopped Sour, The Barbarian an India Pale Ale, and finally Trial by Fire a Farmhouse Saison.   Then they have 23 seasonal or rotating beers.  When I went this is all they had on tap.

hitchhiker-brewing-company-brewery-pittsburg-craft-beer-reviewWhen you decide to order a flight it only includes 3 beers for $13, which I know sounds pretty steep, however its 8oz pours.   I personally would have liked more beer options and less beer just so I could try more and if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t feel like I’d be wasting a ton of beer.  However, it’s their brewery and their rules so I just played along.  So here are the run down of the 3 beers I tried in my flight as well as two extras because I was feeling adventurous and also had a hotel room close enough to walk to.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a beer sommelier I just love to drink good beer and write about my opinion of the beer.

Tunnels & bridges – Hoppy Lager: Very light and crisp first sip with a hit of lemon zest. Second sip you can taste the floral hops but the odd lemon taste actually becomes apparent that it’s actually lime but the floral hops give it a little lemony taste. The more you drink it and the warmer the beer gets it starts tasting like a bud light lime beer but obviously better. I don’t however taste the hints of pepper or corn grits.

Floriculture – Rosehip IPA: Smells of rose petals and a hint of grapefruit although it’s mixed with tangerine. When you take your first sip if you didn’t know that it was a beer blended with tangerine and lemongrass you would go to the thinking it was a grapefruit beer. Just like I thought when I first smelled the beer. This beer is great because of its complexity. One minute you smell the rose, tangerine, and lemongrass you take a sip you first are hit with the mixture of lemongrass and tangerine with a smooth piney green tea finish. So no matter what you get a different taste profile as you sniff and sip. Very good beer! It’s also very light & refreshing tasting. While my 2nd drink to try here it’s top of my list of favorite beers so far on my travels.  I also ended up taking a growler of this on the road with me.

Under the Radar – India Black Ale with Lactose Sugar: Very chocolately rich smell. First taste thought is that I was given a stout on accident. This is supposed to be a black IPA with milk sugar, hints of pine, grapefruit, green tea, and light roast. Found out I was given the oatmeal stout.

Ok under the radar for real this time!

You can smell the hops and a faint hint of green tea. First sip I had nothing come to mind as to how to describe this beer. You are definitely left with the light roast after taste which makes it hard with a 2nd sip to get hints of anything else in the beer. Sadly this beer, even after drinks water and waiting for a bit, is so over powered by the light roast you can’t get the hits of anything else. That or my pallet is just set up to taste the heaviest of flavors. Regardless it’s still a good beer I just wish I could have tasted the pineyness of the hops.

Countermeasure – Sour with Ginger & Pink Peppercorn: Smells of pure ginger! You get hit with the sour flavor and the ginger but it’s also very salty tasting. It leaves a pink Himalayan salt after taste in your mouth. Not one of my favorites but I’m also not a huge fan of ginger. I just had to give the sour a try.

Sprout: Session Wheat IPA: Very floral smell with a hit of cherry blossoms. You definitely get the taste of the wheat with a nice floral piney hoppy aftertaste. I’m missing the hint of citrus zest but I attribute that to having the sour prior to drinking this splash.


I do have to say I highly recommend this brewery if you’re in the Pittsburgh area.  The amount of unique beers and the friendly atmosphere make this brewery one of my top favorites on my trip so far.

Dog Friendly Rating:

Hitchhiker Brewing Company: 5-star-paw-rating-dog-friendly I give this brewery 5 paws since it was extremely dog friendly.  You could have your pet dog with you in the brewery or if you wanted some fresh air you could sit with your pooch out on the patio.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts:


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