Lake Placid Pub and Brewery in New York State Review

Lake-Placid-Brewery-Pub-craft-beer-review-new-yorkTo beat this new found New York heat wave I decided to find refuge in Lake Placid Pub and Brewery.  Lake Placid Pub and Brewery is located fairly close to a lake but sadly not lake placid.  The building is 3 stories that offer 2 balconies and an outdoor patio right before you enter.  The first floor looked like a traditional Irish pub that was pretty much a long room Lake-Placid-Brewery-Pub-craft-beer-review-new-yorkwith a long bar.  Not that many tables since the room was really narrow so pretty much the only seating available is at the bar.  Heading up to the 2nd floor there was a closed door that lead into the bar restaurant area.  When you come to Lake Placid Pub and Brewery you must go to the 2nd floor to speak with the hostess to get a seat.   I never ventured to the 3rd floor because the building was pretty cramped feeling and with Indiana I’m not a fan of cramped spaces since he’s a huge ungraceful dope so the 3rd floor is still a mystery to me.  If I remember correctly the 3rd floor had a kids play room which also was another reason not to venture up there.

Downside to this brewery/pub, there’s no AC.  So my escape from this hot weather was thwarted.  Upside, craft beer, food, and free wifi.

The Beer:


*Disclaimer: I’m not a beer sommelier I just love to drink good beer and write about my opinion of the beer.

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery offer flights that includes 6 4oz pours of their beers on tap.  Going from lightest to darkest these are my thoughts on the beers.

Moose Island Ale: Smells like Budweiser and tastes like it to.  I am not a fan and will not be finishing this beer.  I don’t need all the extra calories since I just bought a pizza a few hours ago.

Patriot Pale Ale:  I can tell you that I am looking forward to this one due to the name of it, the fact it’s a pale ale, and that they used Citra, Simcoe, and Chinook Hops.  It has a very faint floral aroma.  With the first sip you get the floral piney flavor with a mild bitter after taste.  This is still a little heaver tasting than I prefer in an Pale Ale but it’s still pretty good.  I  typically like light refreshing pale ales that make you want to sit outside on a hot summer day by a body of water and just take in the nature with a great beer that quenches your thirst due to the heat.  This beer falls a little flat in that category due to the heaviness but other than that I would recommend this beer if you’re ok with a little heavier tasting Pale Ales.

Guideboat IPA: Even waiting for this beer to warm up, which isn’t that hard since this building doesn’t seem to have air conditioning, it doesn’t have any aroma.  If it does it’s extremely faint.  The beer is also fairly undefined.   I get an extremely bitter taste with a hint of tangerine.  The more you drink this the more you lose the tangerine taste and it becomes more dirty/”earthy” and bitter.  It’s not my favorite IPA.  I’m also coming to the conclusion I don’t like Amarillo hops or it’s just that the breweries I’ve been to haven’t brewed them good enough to really bring out the tangerine flavor these hops are meant to produce.

Maibock German Lager: No aroma that I can get a whiff of.  This is a very malt heavy beer.  It’s also very heavy tasting.  You get a hit of the caramel malts but it’s pretty overpowered by another flavor I’m having a hard time identifying.  It’s almost whiskey like but not.  I personally don’t like this beer at all.  To be honest my first sip of this beer I thought it tasted like how dirty socks smell.  I wouldn’t really recommend this beer at all.

CJ’s Honey Rye Ale: Right away I’m like, “ugh do I have to try this beer”? I don’t like anything with rye, but for you, my readers, I will endure this beer.  Who knows I could be pleasantly surprised and this could be my favorite beer.  There’s no aroma to this beer that would prepare me for what I have in store tasting it.  First sip thoughts, it’s actually really light tasting.  The taste of whiskey hits you, which my mind went to, ugh I hate WHISKEY!  However, after that little whiskey flavor profile it went into this really nice browned caramel honey flavor after taste.  What’s odd is the menu describes this beer as having a spicy, dry character with a mild honey aroma.  I don’t get that at all with this beer but I am actually pretty surprised by this beer.  While that bite of whiskey in the beginning has me turned off by this beer I would still recommend it to someone who likes whiskey, caramel, and honey.  It’s got a pretty good balance between the three.

Ubu Ale: This beer looks like it honestly could be a porter or a stout with how dark it is or it honestly could be this really low lighting in this bar which has me thinking this.  It has a very and I mean very faint coffee like aroma.  It’s shockingly light tasting given how dark this beer looks.  The first sip you just get a light beer taste with an coffee/whiskey taste then an hard alcohol burn/warmth after taste.  Not my favorite but then again I have a thing against anything whiskey flavored.

Given that Lake Placid only has two breweries I’d have to say this is the better of the two when it comes to beer.  The location of this one is off the tourist trap strip so you have a better chance of finding parking.  Not to mention if you sit on one of the balconies you get a great view of the nearby lake, which you can talk a walk around before or after your visit to the brewery.

Dog Friendly Rating:

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery: 1-star-paw-rating-dog-friendly  I give them 1 paw.  While this brewery does offer water bowls  on the patio before you enter the bar, they are not dog friendly beyond that point.  They are however sort of service dog friendly.  They didn’t ask if Indiana was a service dog, they didn’t offer to give him water even though it was really hot inside.  Not to mention the hostess seated me super far from everyone which to me showed they knew they couldn’t deny me but they didn’t want me near anyone either.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts:


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