Meet the Wandering Dog

Hi, my name is Indiana or Indy for short or Nein (usually when I’m doing something bad).

This is the story about how I was adopted by my wonderful owner and turned into a service dog to help her with her PTSD.


​My owner told me that her PTSD got so sever she felt like she needed a service dog. She said she didn’t feel safe living at home alone while her husband at the time was on deployment, since they had a landlord who would walk into our apartment at any time unannounced.  Her PTSD stemmed from two sexual assaults, one prior to the military by a military member and one by her LPO while she was on deployment. Due to that, I was given the task to protect her and to give her comfort when she needed me.

It was thanks to Sherri’s Wounded Warrior Pack that she found out about service dogs and what they can do for veterans with PTSD while in a group therapy session on base.  She ended up talking to Sherri after therapy to see how she could get a service dog.  Sherri told her to start looking at the Humane Society website or other shelters to see if there was a dog that appealed to her.  That’s where she saw my handsome mug on the Oceanside’s Humane Society website and knew she had to have me.

My picture was just put on the website that day so I was in a new kennel ready for adoption.  That’s when I was greeted by Sherri.  They took me out of the kennel and did a couple tests to see if my personality and demeanor were good so I could be trained as a service dog.  Obviously I passed, so in a few hours I met my new owner.  I knew she was the one when I saw her.  I immediately jumped on her lap and licked her face as she hugged me and I knew she was the one for her.

She adopted me right then and there.  She also changed my name from Tarzan to Indiana (Jones).  She said she picked that name for me because the dog was named Indiana. We then got in her car and headed to my new home and I couldn’t have been happier.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts


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3 thoughts on “Meet the Wandering Dog

  1. Great story. It was wonderful meeting you today in PN at the jail…sounds funny to say that. Best of luck to you two and can’t wait to read and see mOre on here. If you’re ever in Missouri let me knOw!

    1. Thanks! It was great meeting you as well! I know I’ll be hitting up Missouri in the next few months so I’ll have to send you a message so we can meet up and you can show me some of the cool places around town!

      1. Sounds pErfect!! Be safe.

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