Triumph Brewing in Princeton New Jersey Review


Triumph Brewery is a must when you find yourself in New Jersey!  I had no intentions on going to this brewery or even heard of this brewery until my friends Tinder date recommended it after I told him I was going to check out a sculpture garden near Princeton.Triumph-brewery-brewing-craft-beer-hallway-entrance-new-jersey-princeton-univerity


The Princeton campus is also a must see due to it’s gorgeous old buildings and a free art museum with art pieces donated to the university.   Not to mention Triumph Brewery is right across the street from the campus.  I will say this though, when I went there I wasn’t sure if it

was opened or closed because the door was closed and I couldn’t see anything when you looked though the door.  Taking a chance I opened the door to discover a long hallway that led down to the hostess stand.  Indiana and I were greeted by the hostess who asked if Indiana was a service dog, in which I replied, “yes”.  She then tried to find us the best seat so that Indiana wouldn’t get stepped on since they had only table or high top table seating near the bar.


*Disclaimer: I’m not a beer sommelier I just love to drink good beer and write about my opinion of the beer.


The flight consists of 7 beers that are on the menu at the time so flights are constantly changing.

Rye Pale Ale: For a Rye beer it’s not that bad.  However, it does taste like bud light which I’m pretty sure isn’t Rye beer. 2nd sip thoughts: yep it’s Bud Light
Amber Ale: Very good light tasting smokey/nutty flavored beer.  I would recommend this beer to someone if they liked Amber ales.
Rauchbier: This smoked beer is really good in moderation. The first sip is almost like drinking a fire you just started on your first night camping in the woods. Just because the smoky flavor you almost get a sense of bacon as well. This is where I said this beer is good in moderation. The more you keep drinking it the more you feel like your drinking bacon grease. For some that’s pure unadulterated heaven. For me it’s just too much of a flavor profile that my tastebuds cannot handle. However, just due to the oddity of the beer I’d recommend everyone to try it.
Bengal Gold India Pale Ale: You can’t smell the hops or a floral aroma when you take a sniff of the beer. To be honest I’m having a hard time tasting any hop profile in this beer. It’s not danky/earthy/dirty tasting or citrus/piney tasting. The menu says the beer is hoppy but not too bitter, rounded out by a malty foundation. I don’t know if it’s because I still am burping up some of the Rauchbier still which is making it harder for me to really get a taste of this beer or not but after pretty much finishing my taster I’m still not tasting much.
Oud Bruin: You can smell its tart with a hint of caramel. It’s the perfect amount of tartness where this wouldn’t be really considered a sour beer. You really do get a feel of the Carmel maltiness of the beer. Also it’s still really light tasting with a nice little bite at the end.
Holy Smoke: This beer as described by the waitress said they actually burn this South American tree chips called bursera gravolens and infuse the smoke during the malt process to give the beer it’s light smokey flavor. It’s a very light beer with a hit of the smoke & caramel from the malt process. I’d highly recommend this beer. Just for someone to try it out since it’s so unique!
Oatmeal Stout: It’s a lighter stout since it’s on nitro but it’s tastes almost like guniass which I’m not a fan of. It’s not creamy like a milk stout and doesn’t have hits of coffee or chocolate. It’s just a very mundane stout. I mean if Guinness is your go to beer you’d love this. But for me personally it’s not my pint of beer.

duck-pot-pie-triump-brewery-food-porn-new-jersey-princeton-univeristyNow to what I have to say was the highlight of this brewery besides the beer.  This duck pot pie was down right heavenly! The smokiness of the duck makes the whole dish amazing! Not to mention the puff pastry melts in your mouth with this light buttery flavor. It’s an amazing meal to pair with the two smokey flavored beers.  Also they didn’t skimp out on the shredded duck at all. Honestly it’s very expensive but I personally think it was worth the $22 for the dish and I dub as a must try meal when you visit this brewery.

All and all this brewery had a great atmosphere that played off the high class vibe of Princeton University with expensive yet amazing food options and fun experimental beers that are constantly in rotation, which makes you keep coming back for more.

Dog Friendly Rating:

Triumph Brewery: 5-service-dog-Paw-Rating-dog-friendly I give this brewery 5 service dog paws because it’s not dog friendly to pet dogs.  However, the staff knew service dog laws and were very accommodating with Indiana.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts

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