Upper Peninsula Michigan and Kayaking the Chrystal Clear Kitch-iti-kipi (Big Spring)

As I left Wisconsin I headed south east to the upper peninsula of Michikitch-iti-kipi-big-spring-road-trip-michigan-info-reviewgan.
Now as I finally got closer to the roadtrippers app “destination”
I thought the app was once again pulling a fast one on me.  Due to my lack of trust in this apps gps location system I decided to go into Manistique the town closest to Indian Lake where this Kitch-iti-kipi (Big Spring) was supposably meant to be.
I headed towards two different entrances to the lake thinking the big spring would be there.  To my disappointment it was not.  However, the lake water itself was very clear but not as blue as the pictures of the blue spring.  After two failed attempts to find the big spring on my own I finally decided to follow the roadtrippers app.  Of course this time the roadtrippers app wasn’t wrong in the location.

When I got there it was a short walk from the parking lot to the spring.  You can walk on this dock and it had 2 latched doors you had to go through.  There was then a little viewing hole in the middle so you could see how clear the spring was all the way down to 45ft.  I then found out that the dock moves and will take you to one side of the spring to the other by the use of wire cables and a huge turn wheel.

 It wasn’t the easiest to operate and to be able to access the viewing hole in the middle but it was fun taking it across and back.  Now since it was just Indiana & I on this floating dock I had a pretty hard time locking it back into place.  Eventually I had to use my foot on the turn wheel to get enough force for it to connect back to the main dock.

It started getting a little more crowded & even though the spring wasn’t that big and the moving dock took up most of the room when it went from side to side; I still decided to grab my Oru Kayak and test it out on the water so I could get a better view of the spring.  As I was setting up my kayak I had some interested spectators watching and asking me what I was doing.  When I said I was taking this box and turning it into a kayak these two ladies lost it and asked if they could video record me kitch-iti-kipi-big-spring-michigan-dog-german-shepherd-service-dog-kayaking-review-oru-kayaksetting my kayak up.  Without hesitation I said yes.  As I continued to put my kayak together, I talked to them about my trip and how I thought this nice origami kayak will help me kayak the less reached bodies of water that one might not want to carry a full kayak to.  Once it was put together it was a battle to get Indiana to get in the kayak.  Once in we shoved off and went on our adventure.

The water was truly deep and very piercing blue.kitch-iti-kipi-big-spring-michigan-dog-german-shepherd-kayaking-review-oru-kayak-craft-beer-upper-peninsula-service-dog
It then went into a stream that lead to Indian Lake but it was
only about a foot deep but still crystal clear water.  I ended up almost going
over-board when I noticed 2 small beavers gathering
wood in the spring and taking it do
wn the stream to the lake.  I blame their adorableness and me desperately trying to follow them in my kayak to take pictures.  Mid pursuit of these adorable beavers it started to sprinkle.  I knew I was trying to beat an on coming

storm so I figured that was my queue to get out of the water and put my kayak away, but after I took pictures of the local beer I got on my kayak.  I do have to say that in my travels the pale ale from Upper Peninsula Brewing Co was amazing!  If you can try it I’d highly suggest it.

Once I finally got my kayak disassembled and put away in the trunk of my SUV I decided to head to this lighthouse I saw while I service-dog-german-shepherd-lighthouse-michigan-snow-manistique-review-photgraph-phtographywas hunting for this big spring.  It was right near the town of Manistique on Lake Michigan.  I had to hunt on how to actually get to the lighthouse and pulled into a construction zone to take pictures.  It was then I saw people on the walk way to the lighthouse and realized that their must be a way to park closer to the lighthouse so I could be like those people strolling along the lighthouse walkway.  I managed to find a parking lot that was actually a park entrance to see the lighthouse and the beach to Lake Michigan.

The water was so choppy it kept coming over the walk way to the lighthouse.  Indiana and I had to run to try and avoid the waves while they crashed lighthouse-michigan-snow-manistique-review-photography-photograph-wavesbehind us spraying the walk way.  Now this was an L shaped walk way and the one closest to the lighthouse still had a huge thing
of snow covering one side while the other side the waves had splashed over and eroded the snow away.  Indiana was not my biggest fan with me forcing him to sit on the snow for a picture, all while his nemesis, water, kept splashing all around us.  Once I thought I could get the best picture of Indiana and the light house it was down the walk way again, or in our case the run way, since we had to hightail it out of there again trying to avoid the high waves splashing us and getting us soaking wet.

We finally reached my SUV and I decided since I got my fill of the upper peninsula of Michigan we should hit the road and see how far we could go to get to Chicago.  I only made it so far in a fairly small town in Wisconsin when I stubbled across a brewery as I was getting gas.  However, that’s a different blog and review for next week.

Dog Friendly Ratings: 

Kitch-iti-kipi:  5 paws for all types of dogs.  Just make sure that you’re dog is on a 6ft leash or less and you pick up after it.  Also dog’s and people cannot swim in the spring.  I’m not sure if you can bring your dog on the floating/moving dock but there weren’t any signs against dogs being on it.

Mantique Lighthouse:  This is not only for the walk way to the lighthouse but it’s also a park that you can hang out in.  It is dog friendly but once again, dogs must be on a 6ft leash or less and you must pick up after your dog.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts


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4 thoughts on “Upper Peninsula Michigan and Kayaking the Chrystal Clear Kitch-iti-kipi (Big Spring)

  1. Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have located so far.

  2. Thanks for the post! So we stayed at Indian Lake State Park last year. We have kayaks but didn’t venture all the way to the spring on the kayaks. This year we will be staying at the state park again but are DEFINITELY making the trip in the kayaks to the spring. Can you actually get into the spring from the creek or do they have it blocked off?

    1. I honestly put my kayak in the spring & only ventured half way to the lake. The water is very shallow like maybe a foot at best in the stream from the spring to the lake.

  3. Hi. I enjoyed your post. We live north of Manistique (ORIGINALLY from the CHICAGO burbs). I drive the 6+ hourS almost mOnthly to See family. From Wisconsin the Up is north (not southeast) as wRItten in your blog. Manistique is NE of Wisconsin. Going further north you’ll hit lake superior. We look forward to kayaking indian lake into Big springs this year. Boni

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