Water Street Brewery Review in Grafton, Wisconsin

It was getting late and I needed to find a gas station not only for gas but to take a bird bath aka baby wipe, wipe down and change my clothes.  It just so happened that I stumbled across Water Street Brewery in Grafton, Wisconsin right by the BP gas station that I went to fill up at.

water-street-brewery-taster-flight-lobster-shrimp-mac-and-cheese-curds-review-grafton-wisconsinWhen you walk in you see all the brewery equipment. Once you’re in the main brewery it has an old saloon vibe with bright neon red light signs that pretty much light up the whole brewery. Since I had Indy they seated me at a table closer to the entrance. I was happy to have my back to the wall, however, I was also away from all the rest of the patrons.  I typically love talking to others while I eat or drink to get a feel of the area plus I’m solo traveling so it’s nice to interact with others.  I mean there’s only so much Indiana can talk to me about.  Most of it is just him complaining about how many pictures and positions I put him in.
The first thing I ordered were famous Wisconsin cheese curds and I can tell you they did not disappoint. With a kick of jalapeño and a light not super greasy tasting breading it was a bite of heaven drenched in ranch.
Of course I also had to order the beer sampler which is 8 beers. It has their flagship beers and then a choice of 2 seasonal beers.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a beer sommelier I just love to drink good beer and write about my opinion of the beer*

American Style Lager: Not my favorite style of beer and this beer didn’t change my mind. It was still crisp tasting with a little bitter after taste. Definitely not the worst lager I’ve ever had.
German Hefeweizen: You can taste a hint of banana with a smooth yet heavy finish. It’s a very wheat heavy hefeweizen but still really good. I would recommend it.
Bavarian Style Weiss: Extremely good and unexpected. It was very light, crisp & fresh tasting almost like a good raspberry lemonade. I would say this is a must try!
IPA: I’m not really sure what to think about this IPA. It’s citrusy but the hit of caramel is what throws me off… however, the more I drink it the more it tastes like it’s barrel aged and the hint of citrus goes away.
Amber: Also not one of my choice beer styles. However, this beer has a really smooth taste with a roasted nutty after taste.
German Marzan Lager: Not my favorite. It’s a medium in between a light/heavy taste. I’m not really sure what to say what the notes are mostly because I don’t like them.


Lobster and shrimp mac and cheese was a bit disappointing. Not a lot of cheese for a Wisconsin made dish. I was expecting to have to fight cheese strings and wrap them around my fork. This mac and cheese was cheese light with a sprinkle of 5 pieces of shrimp and a little bit of lobster but for $17 I’m gonna eat the whole thing!

Dog Friendly Rating:

Water Street Brewery:  4 paws due to it’s only service dog friendly.  They did ask me if he was a service dog and left it at that.  However, they sat me away from everyone else, almost like hiding me from the rest of the patrons.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts


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