What it’s Like Being in a Cage Full of Wolves! A Review of Wolf Creek Habitat in Indiana

wolves-interaction-petting-purple-hair-wolf-creek-habitat-indianaWolf Creek Habitat in Brookville, Indiana is pretty much a must see experience!  It’s great on wolf education as well as you get to see a lot of wolves and even get some wolf kisses if you’re lucky!

Wolf Creek Habitat has some very unusual hours for you to actually come and visit with the wolves. Wolf-hiding-under-bench-wolf-creek-habitat-indiana

From May 1st till September 30th they are only open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 5pm.  However, if it’s too hot outside they close at 2pm since the wolves need to be able to hide under the man made structures they have created for
them so they don’t overheat.

October 1st till April 30th they are open again only on Saturday and Sunday but it changes from being open from 10am to 11am till 5pm.  The website also states they will close or not be open if it is too cold outside.

Everything they do is for the safety of the wolves as well as the visitors wanting to see or pet the wolves.

Also NO DOGS are allowed on the property!  

Please keep that in mind when you plan on visiting Wolf Creek Habitat!  They do have video cameras in the parking lots to see if people leave their pets in their cars and they will call the humane society on you!  It states that in bright bold blue lettering on their main page of their website!

With that said, there is a doggy day care in town called Grooming Girls that you could possibly leave your dog at while you visit Wolf Creek Habitat.  You’ll also need to have your dogs medical records pretty much showing they are up to date on all of their shots.  They also like you to go a day before to do a temperament test.  However, I recommend you call ahead of time to see if they can schedule you in.  I decided just to wing it and see if they would take Indiana the day of and they had no room for him and didn’t have time to test his temperament.  Due to that I had to drive up to Wolf Creek Habitat with the thought of them turning me away since I had Indiana and would need to leave him in my car.

I cannot CANNOT express this enough!  It is not ok to leave your dog in a car when it is hot outside!  I am well aware of this so I do not need any sort of lecture about how I handled visiting Wolf Creek Habitat when it comes to my service dog Indiana.  

Alright, with that disclaimer out of the way this is how I went about visiting Wolf Creek service-dog-sleeping-in-car-passed-out-cute-adorable-black-german-shepherdHabitat with Indiana.  When I got to the main entrance I pulled forward where you would go to enter the enclosures.  I left Indiana in the car and kept the car running.  I walked up to a worker and told them exactly this, “Hello, I know your website states that dogs are not allowed on the premises or left in vehicles.  However, I’m sort of in a bind since the doggy day care in town couldn’t take him in this morning so I could visit.  I’m totally ok with you telling me I cannot visit since I would have to leave him in the car.  He’s a service dog so he goes everywhere with me and I do have mesh window coverings so I can let the windows down all the way, as well as window shades for all the windows to keep my SUV cool.  Not only that but I have a wireless fan I can keep running for him and I have water for him.  I also don’t mind needing to leave and check up on him every 15 to 30 min to get him more water as well as let him out of the vehicle so he can walk around a bit.”   The worker said that was totally ok and he understood my situation.  He told me to park in the back lot furthest away from the wolves.  I made sure to park in the shade but still put up the window shades on all the windows except the ones where I had the mess coverings so I could have those windows down all the way allowing airflow.  I filled up Indiana’s water bowl and put it in the back with him & turned the fan on.

I walked up to the small building where they have the gift shop and the man who told me it was ok to park led me out on white-wolf-creek-habitat-indiana-wolvesthis catwalk to see all the wolves they had.  Wolf Creek has around 40 wolves.  They are all breed in captivity which is why they are a lot friendlier and they are able to let people interact with the wolves.  All the wolves were in pretty decent sized enclosures, about 8 in each enclosure, except the enclosures closer to the eastern parking lot.  Those were smaller enclosures with 1 to 2 wolves in them.  The catwalk was the only place you were allowed to take pictures of the wolves using a nice camera.  I was happy I had a telephoto lens so I could get some pretty decent shots of the wolves once I was done with my interaction with them.

While being on the catwalk was pretty cool, let’s be honest, I was there to interact with the wolves and get my fluffy hugs on!  To interact with the wolves you first need to sign a disclaimer form.  That pretty much tells you that anything that happens in the enclosures with the wolves they are not responsible for.  You do have to understand while they aren’t wild wolf-kisses-wolf-creek-habitat-indiana-interaction-purple-hair-setting-sun-sakewolves they still have wolf instincts.  Anything could happen!  Before they will let you go in the enclosures you must first be wearing close toed shoes, no jewelry, and no red.  Also as stated before you’re not allowed to bring in any big cameras like SLR’s.  They are not liable for any damage the wolves do to your camera equipment or phone so take that into consideration when you’re thinking about bringing your $800 iPhone with no protective case in the wolf enclosures.

I should also mention that there is a hight limit for children when interacting with the wolves.  Children must be 60inches or taller to be able to interact with the wolves since the wolves have been known to jump up on people.  Also if the child is under the age of 16 years old they must be accompanied by an adult.

The cost to interact with the majestic wolves is honestly pretty reasonable!  It’s $50 a black-Wolf-kisses-adorable-wolf-creek-habitat-indiana-interaction-purple-hairperson.  Exceptions: $40 for military active or a veteran or $40 a person if you come in a group of 10 or more people.  This allows you to go into 3 different enclosures to see about 25 different wolves.  If I remember correctly, you get around 30 minutes per enclosure.  Which is a pretty good deal since before going into the enclosure and after leaving the enclosure that reminded me to go check up on Indiana.  Also I recommend that you get there right when Wolf Creek Habitat opens.  They ended up closing at 2pm since it was way to hot for the wolves so not everyone was able to get a lot of time with them or by the time you got in the enclosures they were already starting to find hiding spots to get cool.

Regardless, if Indiana is on your list of states to go to I highly recommend checking out Wolf Creek Habitat.  You can learn some interesting facts about the wolves since the staff that go in the enclosures with you are willing to answer any questions you have about wolves and are very knowledgable.  This is really a great way to kill 2 hours and to tell your friends and family you got up close and personal with a pack of wolves.  If you want you can always leave out that it was in a safe controlled environment but that’s truly up to you!

Dog Friendliness Rating

Wolf Creek Habitat: 0-paws-rating-dog-friendly-stars They get 0 paws since this is not a dog friendly place at all.  In fact they don’t want dogs on the premises at all!  Please put your furry companion in doggy day care or just leave them at home if you want to experience Wolf Creek Habitat.  Also don’t assume you can do what I did with Indiana.  I’m sure that was a huge exception!  Not only was I checking on how Indiana was doing, but the staff were also checking up on him by walking to my car and watching from the webcams they had posted in the parking lot.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts


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  1. Definitely on my list to travel to now.

  2. Amazing! It’s nice to see places like this truly show how sweet wovles are, and not the bad guys that our world makes them out to be. Great review Brit!

  3. Sounds like a fun time! Kinda sad about the no dogs, but understandable.

  4. Looks like you are having a great time! Love seeing what you are doing every day!

  5. Great post, thank you.

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