Wisconsin the Cheese State and Hiking in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

After a great day in Voyagers National Park I made my way south east towards Wisconsin.  It was my goal to see Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  I once again used the roadtrippers app to get directions to these amazing cliffs I saw on the app

Well, the roadtrippers app had a different idea on where to take me.  I ended up passing 3 “entrances” to Apostle Islands National Lakeshore but looking at my GPS the islands were closer to where roadtrippers told me to go so I kept on the route.  Then it happened. Roadtrippers once again failed me!  Right when I was meant to turn the road was barricaded off by old run down trucks.  Thinking this must be some mistake I went down another road that lead to the water.  It then hit me that the islands were too far away and the water was so choppy I couldn’t kayak to them.

Feeling defeated I turned around and headed to the visitor center for the Apostle Islands, which I saw the sign for before I blindly followed the roadtrippers app.  Driving through Bayfield realized I would need a ferry to get to the islands but all I really wanted to see were the cliffs.  Once I finally found the visitor center I discovered it was closed for the season but that meyers beach was were I needed to go if I wanted to see the cliffs.  This meant back tracking to meyers beach since it happened to be one of the signs I ignored when on pursuit to find the cliffs.

I pulled into the Meyers Cliffs parking lot and it had the same pay via an envelope like Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota.  I paid my $5 and decided to walk to the water first with Indiana to check to see how choppy the waves were.  We got to the lake and the waves were just as if it was a stormy day on the Pacific Ocean.  I didn’t want to even attempt kayaking with Indiana for fear we’d both get sea sick before we even hit the cliffs.  Feeling a tad let down and cold we walked back up to the parking lot.

There I saw a sign for a hiking trail black-german-shepherd-service-dog-hiking-apostles-island-national-lakeshore-wisconsin-meyers-cliffsto see the cliffs.  Not knowing what I’d really see I decided to hike to the cliffs since I didn’t want to just sit around doing nothing.  The hiking trail was 3.6 mile round trip.  The first part of the hike which was 0.7 miles was easy and a very nice hike since you got to walk on these wooden planks.

Then you hit a dirt road that said it’s 1.1 miles to get to the cliffs and the campgrounds. The only problem those nice wooden planks weren’t there anymore.  black-german-shepherd-service-dog-hiking-apostles-island-national-lakeshore-wisconsin-trail-stepsInstead you were
playing hopscotch with tree trunks, walking across cut in half logs, and climbing these man made log stairs that only a giant could walk up and down effortlessly.  Don’t get me wrong the hike was amazing but I’d say due to the stairs alone this easy hike definitely became a hard one.

Once we finally got to the cliffs it was well worth the climb.  black-german-shepherd-service-dog-hiking-apostles-island-national-lakeshore-wisconsin-meyers-cliffsYou could go to the edge of the cliffs and peer down to the water below.  There was also a huge slit in the land where the cliffs created a cave.  Since it was still really cold up there, you could see the ice still stuck to the bottom parts of the cliffs where the lake hit.



After what seemed to be a crazy long hike through Meyers trail to see the cliffs I went on a search to find food since all I had today was my morning shake. I stumbled upon Pine Cone Ole’s, a quaint little town restaurant and bar. With Matlock on the TV the place was dead but that doesn’t mean anything given the location and season. Indiana and I sat down at the end of the bar.  I was waiting for someone to say I couldn’t have Indiana in the restaurant but they never said a thing.  The only thing they asked is if he needed a bowl of water.
Which was a refreshing change of pace.  Since my Fitbit said I hiked/walked over 6 miles today I convinced myself I deserved a good ole patty melt with a mix of fries and onion rings along with a side of ranch.  The atmosphere was small town but even though I wasn’t from there they made me feel right at home.  Not to mention the food was amazing and cheep! The meal cost $12.56 for my burger, fries/onion ring combo, and a Wisconsin craft beer to go.

Dog Friendly Rating:

Myer’s Cliffs Trail:  This gets 5 paws since the trail is dog friendly.  Just remember their are bears you could encounter on the trail so have a bear bell on your dog, as well as, bear/wasp spray.  Also remember to pick up after your dog.  The trail does offer free poop bags before you enter so you have no excuse not to pick up after them.

Pine Cone Ole’s:  5 red paws for being service dog friendly.  This is, however, not emotional support or pet dog friendly.  I give it 5 paws because when I walked in they didn’t say a thing to me, didn’t play the game of twenty questions or asked me to see his “ID”, fake service dogs have ID’s, or any type of paperwork.  They just read his vest and left it at that.

Indiana’s Final Thoughts 



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  1. It definitely sounds like you earned those onion rings. That’s a long hike! Hope you’re having a great experience! :]

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